Light up LOVE letters

About Us – Why We Hire Letters

We have been planning weddings since 2004 and when planning our own we tried in vain to find a supplier of premium 5ft tall illuminated metal letters.  In the end we paid a very high delivery price to have them delivered from hundreds of miles away.  At this time several of our planning clients were also expressing an interest in these letters for their own weddings.  We took the decision to invest in our own letters at the beginning of 2015 and launched our letters in the summer of 2015 after extensive manufacturer visits and research.

Over the last few weeks we have received lots of questions and queries from couples both in person and from our website so we have pulled together a comprehensive list of what you need to know about hiring our 5ft tall wedding letters.

What are the letters made from?

Our lights are hand made for us in the UK by professional metal fabricators from a commercial grade alloy that is then powder coated in an antique cream paint.

How are the letters lit?

During our research and development we searched for a light that would not only look fantastic to the naked eye but one that would look great in your photographs.  Our lights create a warm soft glow which has both impact and intimacy. We do this by using low wattage authentic Italian cabochon fairground bulbs set against the antique cream alloy which results in a ‘vintage chic’ look regardless of whether the lights are on or off.

How tall are the letters?

Our letters and numbers are 5ft tall and our ‘&’ and ‘heart’ are 4ft tall; they are all 15cm deep.  We took the decision to have a smaller size for the ‘&’ as it shows the initials off better and looks more balanced.  Our letters are big compared to others on the market and therefore make great photo opportunities for the Bride & Groom and guests alike.

What letters are available?

We hold the alphabet plus duplicates – if you require letters for initials or for surnames please contact us.

When should I book?

Our letters are very popular!  We recommend booking 6-12 months in advance of your event to avoid disappointment.

How much space do I need?

We recommend that you allow a width of 5ft for each letter – our letters range from 4ft to 5ft in width – by allowing 5ft for each letter this will allow for spacing of the letters.  Our letters are 25cm deep and we recommend that they are placed against a wall rather than in the middle of the room due to the trip hazard of the power cables.  Remember that our letters can be ‘staggered’ so if your space is tight we might be able to fit your requested letters in if we stack them ie place one slightly in front of the other.

Other people we know have hired MDF/LED lights – what is the difference?

Most LED/MDF lights are not available in 5ft height – the majority are 2ft to 4ft tall and narrow so they do not create the same visual impact.  LED’s emit light in a very narrow spectrum and direction; the result of using cheaper LED technology is that the lighting effects are harsh and do not create the same soft ‘lacy’ glow as our lights do – this can create challenges for your photographer.  Our lights although a more premium quality to the LED/MDF versions are available to hire for the same price or lower and our delivery service is among the lowest in the country.

Can the lights be used outdoors?

No – our lights are professionally built by master craftsmen to a commercial standard and require mains electricity; as such our lights are fully PAT tested and certified.  We cannot recommend the use of our lights outdoors as this represents a safety hazard and leaves both you and us un-insured.

Our venue has insisted that the lights are insured?

Any professional venue will have both the enjoyment and safety of you and your guests at heart and as such they are perfectly right to raise the question of insurance. As one of the few fully limited companies offering professional commercial grade lights for hire in the UK we hold full public liability insurance up to 10 million pounds; this covers ourselves, you and your venue in the very unlikely event that a fault with one of our lights causes damage or injury.

Are your lights sturdy enough to sit on for photos?

Our lights are commercial grade alloy construction and unlike some MDF units they are very stable and sturdy; that said for insurance reasons we cannot give permission for our lights to be sat on, however we accept that this will likely happen and would only caution that you do so at your own risk and remind you that your hire agreement specifically states the hiree will be held financially responsible of the full cost of repair or replacement of damaged units due to misuse and/or neglect.

Our venue has a strict policy of when you can deliver and remove

We have been working with venues since our business was first established in 2004 and rest assured you can relax, we will contact your venue prior to your event to establish their requirements and will work directly with your venue to ensure these requirements are met.  We are wedding planners and so understand the need to work with your venue and to deliver ahead of your event and provide a premium product.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver nationwide – the first 50 miles of delivery are included in our hire prices.  Any mileage after 50 miles is charged at 40 pence per mile.  We believe we are one of the most competitive suppliers in the country.

How long does my hire last?

The hire period is 24hrs – we work with your venue but would normally deliver in the morning of your event day and collect at the end of the night when your event has finished or the following morning.  Longer periods of hire are available – please contact us for a quote.

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Thanks to Peter Denness Photography for the super photo of Sophie and Matt on their wedding day at The Granary Barns